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What is Grace?
Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
On Monday morning Max, one of my two beloved Newfoundland dogs, passed away after a brief but arduous battle with bone cancer. As he died, I held him in my arms and whispered in his ear, “I love you, Max. You are a very good dog.”
In July, Max was diagnosed with bone cancer after a bad limp that wouldn’t heal led us to x-ray his leg. The excellent veterinarians at Frisco Animal Hospital found a large tumor that had destroyed two-thirds of his femur in less than a month. Thanks to Dr. Gaynor of Peak Performance Veterinary Group, which shares office space with Frisco Animal Hospital, Max received an advanced chemotherapy treatment which gave him an additional month.
We spent that time doing his favorite things. He rode up front every time we headed into town. He ate a few steaks and walked along his favorite trails through the woods. But most of all, I got to spend time with Max, telling him how much I loved him.
I adopted Max two years ago, …

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