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The Holy Beautiful

I stand at the lectern and gently smooth the pages of the open book. Not because the pages are wrinkled, but because I adore the words printed there. God’s word is precious because in it I have found light in the darkness. When I read God’s word, I sit down to a banquet. When my spirit is starved for sustenance I am fed with poetry that reminds me of the beauty of our world and wisdom to direct my way forward. But most of all, I am told how much God loves me. Mass will begin in thirty minutes, and it’s my turn to be the lector reading assigned passages from the Old and New Testament. Although I have practiced this week’s Mass reading at home, I arrive early so I can practice again in the mostly empty church. There are others here, too. Barb, our Sacristan, is preparing the altar. Deacon Chuck is checking notes, Elizabeth, our pianist, and Steve, one of our Cantors, preparing our song worship. Father Joe is in the confessional hearing confessions before Mass. So many dedicated volunt…

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