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What is Suzanne Elizabeth's?

At Suzanne Elizabeth's, we learn by DOING...when we put action to our dreams we move closer to making them come true.

At Suzanne Elizabeth's we give you the tools to learn new skills and the courage to take new risks.

What can you learn from baking a loaf of bread?


When I was flat broke, heartbroken, and unemployed...learning to turn flour, water, and salt, into a beautiful loaf of bread taught me that I could take care of myself.

This messy time of my life also brought me closer to God.

I can't tell you how many days I fell to my knees in prayer, angry with God for abandoning me, desperate to feel His presence, longing to know that I was not alone.

And guess what?

I discovered that God was with me in my darkest moments, He had not left me, I had grown apart from Him. 

The pain I went through during those dark days humbled me, strengthened me, and best of all...it gave me a new and more intimate relationship with God!

I discovered that God was my real source of strength, with Him, and according to His Will, everything was possible.

It also gave me the courage to start my own business.


Should You Join Suzanne Elizabeth's?

Suzanne Elizabeth's embraces the idea that we are all quirky, scared, joyful, depressed, eccentric, and most of all beautiful inside and out.

Suzanne Elizabeth's is a place to meet new friends through sharing recipes, conversation about faith, and good books.

If you are interested in learning:

  • the transforming power that daily devotions can have in your life
  • the two secret ingredients for awesome chocolate chip cookies
  • how to find the motivation to act on your dream
  • if you want a great looking apron

Welcome to Suzanne Elizabeth's! This is your place!


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Who is Suzanne Elizabeth?

I write inspirational books because I want to grow closer to God, but life's joys and disappointments make me feel like I'm on a roller coaster.

Let's talk about how God will meet us where we are...no matter where we are...


I believe cooking brings us together to share God's LOVE and laughter and some of the most important moments of our lives with our family and friends.

My cooking videos share my passion for cooking delicious whole foods with an playful attitude toward rules and recipes.


I create beautiful aprons because I'm an incredibly messy cook and I'm crazy about beautiful fabric.

My aprons are made of the most beautiful toile and canvas fabrics...they are feminine, elegant, and designed to make you look as beautiful as the meals you cook for the people you love.


Let's keep in touch!

When I first created this site and Suzanne Elizabeth's Facebook and Pinterest Pages, I thought they'd only be about aprons, books, and cooking videos. 

What I've discovered is that you are the breath and soul of Suzanne Elizabeth's. Without your comments and our ongoing conversation, this is just another website. 

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If you want to see me in action in the kitchen....Click here to watch my cooking videos