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After the Storm
Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

Mom sailed through the hurricane with her usual optimism and strength. Like many of her neighbors, the worst part of the storm came afterwards when electricity outages and horrid heat and humidity sent her out of her home and blessedly into the home of a friend who still had electricity and air conditioning.
During the days of the storm, my anxiety level was understandably high and I prayed for her safety throughout the day. I spoke to Mom more than once a day and wished that I was with her. In the days since things have begun to return to normal with Mom’s busy friendships taking up much of her time.
The distance between us stretches back to where it was before. We miss each other dearly, but our lives have returned to where they were. After the storm, I discovered that I felt lonely. There was a space in heart that had previously been filled by our constant conversations during the storm. This image, like an ocean ebbing and rising, remind…

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