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The Anderson Annual Dinner

Tonight we had our annual family dinner, a night which allows the entire family to get together and celebrate the season, as well as each other....

The pretty woman in this picture is my future sister in law, Heidi.....she's marrying that wacky looking guy next to brother, John.....clearly it must be love, cuz there's no accounting for taste.

Here's another beautiful woman who was struck blind when she fell in love with my other brother, David......

Here are the two other sensible women in our family, Adeline, my mother, and Victoria, my sister....can you guess which is which?

These three knuckleheads (Jake, Mario & Luke) are certain to be passed the baton of 'future lady-killers' by John and David......mothers lock your daughters away now!

This is not Mount Fuji

This is the Osorno Volcano in Puerto Montt, Chile. Look at the summit, the color of the snow captures the blue of the sky and glows in a hyper-realistic, almost cartoonish way.

I did not actually go ashore in Puerto Montt. Instead, I spent the day aboard sitting by the pool reading. Later I took a walk around the outdoor track on the ship's top deck and did some thinking about the two books I just completed.

"A Map of Heaven", is a picture book that deals with the death of a parent and the imagining of Heaven. What I realized as I walked was that this was too much. It is enough to consider the joy of heaven, the loss that its entrance entails will remain unstated albeit still present, which may be more appropriate, and a more comforting approach.

Secondly, (is that really a word?!) I considered my recently revised novel, The Silver Cord. Oh how I hate that title.

So I will be searching for a new title. Any suggestions?

In addition, I have decided to change the opening chapte…

La Recoleta Cemetery - Buenos Aires

While I catch up on revising the opening chapters of The Silver Cord as well as re-working A Map of Heaven (yet again!) I wanted to share photos from my trip around South America.

La Recoleta cemetery is probably most famous as the final resting place of Eva Peron, however, what drew me through its labyrinthian corridors

were the incredibly beautiful marble sculptures that comprised its mausoleums.
This beautiful angel clung to the corner of one mausoleum.

A close up on the face is even more evocative.

A few of the crypts suggested a tragic death...a mother and child lost in childbirth...

A grief stricken father who tried to provide his daughter an escape from death's grasp

And the collective hope that all good dogs go to heaven....