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A Golden Journal's Day at the Beach

After a week of rather contemplative posts, I thought that you and I were in need of a little light hearted fun....a day at the beach. Luckily for me, I live a short five minute drive from these golden shores. So, grab your sunglasses and sun screen and join me.

Yes, that is my real journal. When I need to clear my mind, I grab a book, my journal, and head to the beach. I'm one of those individuals who need to get away from time to time to 'recharge' in solitude. My favorite place to recharge has always been the beach.

The soothing properties of the ocean are well known, from the gentle rush of the waves across the sand, the positive ions of salt water, the everchanging scenery, or the comraderie of being around other people who are also having a wonderful day.

I think it's actually due to the happy memories I have of beach days as a child. The beach was always a place where I felt safe and free and as if the world was filled with possibilities, symbolized by the mystery …

A Literary Experiment: Do You See or Hear Your Imagination?

On Wednesday, I wrote on the impact listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings. Then I went to bed.

And I began wondering, where did the impetus for this post come from? Why had I suddenly started thinking of the emotional impact of listening?

Then I remembered that just before my mind, seemingly randomly, wandered to a memory of Barber's Adadio, I had been linking across the blogosphere when I found A Writer Afoot. I scrolled down the page, and read a post describing a walk while listening to Bel Canto, a fine literary novel by Ann Patchett. I read this book last November and loved the beauty of the language.

As I brought the book to mind, I couldn't imagine listening to it rather than reading it. This is inspite of the fact that at this very moment I have Sue Miller's The Senator's Wife playing in my car and have relied on audiobooks to provide entertainment on road trips. But the books I choose for audio play tend to be commercial fiction, mysteries, thrillers, quick…

Barber's Adagio: Music for Literature

I wasn't planning to post tonight and then, just before shutting down my computer for the night, this piece of music came tapping at the back of my mind. Perhaps it was yesterday's posting of the chapter describing a certain heart wrenching scene from Crime and Punishment. Or perhaps it was the cloudy, rainy weather we've been experiencing here.It is an exquisite piece which by turns makes me mourn days gone by or want to get in the car and take a scenic drive on a rainy day, with a belief that I am certain to see the outline of silvery light tearing away the edge of cloud and suggesting the possibility of new begininngs. I've even used it as a line in one of my novels, when I had the main character state that she would like to have it played at her funeral. (Ok, I admit, that sounds creepy, but it's a murder mystery.)I dare you to listen to Barber's Adagio without feeling transported to a feeling, or a memory. It is one of those wonderfully evocative pieces of…

Travelogue: Cafe Tortoni - Buenos Aires

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. And one of my favorite things to do there is spend an afternoon, or end a day of sightseeing, or begin an evening out, at one of their wonderful cafes.

If, like me, you are a fan of Paris cafes, then Cafe Tortoni is your place to hang out in Buenos Aires.

Established in 1858, the cafe is known as a gathering place for artists, musicians, writers and polititicians. The cafe's walls are adorned with art as well as life size statuary of its most famous patrons. So, yes, it is a destination tourist attraction. But it's also a popular hangout for locals.
The wood paneling, the marble floors, the small black tables, are all perfectly reminiscent of the cafe experience. The menu is extensive, I recommend the chocolate and churros ( a wonderful tube shaped doughnut), or the Sandwich Tortoni, an open faced cheese, tomato and ham sandwich. I had the chocolate and churros during my visit. The churros are warm and crunchy. Who doesn't li…

Adele and Me

Isn't she beautiful? This is Adele, aka Adeline, aka Mom. Two years ago she had open heart surgery. In the two years since, she's had perhaps a dozen hospital stays, but she's also been on a cruise around the cape of South America,

and flown on a helicopter to a stand on a glacier in Alaska.

She is a terrific flirt. Here she is with one of the cowboys on an 'estancia' outside of Buenos Aires. I'm not sure who thinks they got luckier.... Actually, they both seem to be enjoying themselves. And that is one thing that I have always admired about her...she speaks easily with everyone, has a knack for working a room, or making people feel as if they've known her forever.
I admire that because she is so much my opposite, I am uncomfortable in crowds and would much rather be reading a book in solitude than talking to anyone. And that is the difference between us....
Adele's oxygen is getting out and 'being with people' that is her life blood, where she is …