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My Cloud(s) of Witnesses

Tonight I was going to write a photo essay of my current struggle with weight. I was going to include four pictures that showed how I have gained twenty-five pounds since I have returned from living overseas two years ago. In fact, the impetus for this post has to do with my fear of an upcoming weekend meeting with friends from my overseas days. I dread their "what the heck happened to you, Miss Pumpkinhead!"

So, after going through the pictures I'd chosen to display, I decided: No. That's not the way I want this to go. If I am not happy with the reflection I see when I am alone, why exacerbate it by posting it? All of us at one time or another have faced a weighty issue, whether one of body or of mind. Currently, this is mine. I want to discuss it with you, without the distraction of my cringe-worthy pictures, because we have all fought the valiant fight with something that seems not willing to budge under the usual ministrations.

It is convenient to look for sources …

The Joy of Journaling

This is my red leather journal.

I love this journal in an affectionate, nearly anthropomorphic sense. I bought it a year ago in Hawaii. It is a huge, bloated, weighty thing. At the time of its purchase, I wondered if I'd ever be able to fill its pages...ever...years and years worth of ever. One year and three months later it's nearly filled, its cover distended as it strains to cover the additions to its pages, and now nearly double its original girth. What happened?
Many Trips: Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, South America.Many Musings: seeing an old friend, completing a degree, searching for a new home.Morning Pages: Julia Cameron came up with this idea in her classic book: The Artist's Way. Morning Pages are three pages done first thing in the morning. They consist of free writing, quickly getting your thoughts down on paper in an effort to clear your mind and allow yourself the space and energy to start the day with a fresh perspective. The key to success is in writing…