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Gratitude Found in a Florida Thunderstorm

One of the tricks of sanity that I learned along the way was the magic of gratitude. When you are facing your darkest days, nothing serves as a better lifesaver than taking a moment and making a list of five things for which you are grateful. This exercise forces you to find some glimmer of silver lining in the darkest clouds. And somehow, afterwards, you feel better. Life isn't as bad as you'd imagined, there is within this list the substance of something to hold onto, that edge of light on the horizon that lets you know that this is survivable, that you will carry on to fight another day.

Today, I am grateful for rain. Outside my window we are experiencing the most wonderful Florida thunderstorm.

Earlier this evening I was leaving the grocery store and found that the sunny day that I'd left when I went into the store had become a sudden torrential downpour. My umbrella was of course in the Hummer. Which of course was parked half way down a long row in the parking lot. Inst…

Have you ever....?

Have you ever come across a picture that was taken years, or decades, earlier and wondered at the person (you) pictured there?

This is me, at the wizened old age of four....the occasion was a Halloween costume parade at school. I came as a matador.

This morning I was looking at this picture and wondering at how life has changed in the intervening what age do we first begin to wonder what our future will hold?

It was probably not at this age, although I do remember that around this time I imagined myself as a Joan of Arc figure riding off on a horse in some medieval battle scene that may or may not have involved dragons and a king. This fantasy might have had something to do with my father's propensity to play classical music when we went anywhere in the car.

I think it was later, though, that I had my first dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I know that I fell in love with books at a very young age and spent countless hours escaping from the world around me into…