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Today was a good day....

Last week I wrote about my fear of failure as I received two rejections from agents who I had queried on my the previous novel I'd completed and started sending out for representation. My feelings of helplessness were compounded by opening the file for the chapter I was to revise for my current novel the "Glass Mystery" and realizing that I had no idea of how to tackle it.

I should pause to explain that I stopped writing for four years, leaving three novels that I had completed sitting in files on my computer untouched. A year ago, in March, I began tentatively, to write again by opening these novels one by one, chapter by chapter and revising them. This journey was actually the impetus for this blog, as I have detailed in previous posts. The journey has been a fruitful one, and certainly enjoyable as it got me writing again and brought me to the realization of how much I enjoyed the process of writing.

All of this came to a halt last week with those two rejections. They…

Five Minute Gazpacho Soup

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One of my favorite summertime meals is a deliciously chilled gazpacho soup, which originated in Spain, and in its most familiar incarnation is a tomato-based soup filled with a tantalizing assortment of chopped fresh vegetables. Everything about this dish says 'summer' from the wonderful crunch of the of the veggies to the cold soup that is wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer day. I like to make enough to keep in a Tupperware container in the fridge, just what I need for a quick lunch or a pick-me-up after's the perfect antidote to the heat exhaustion that you get at the end of a hot and humid Florida day. One mug of this terrific cold soup and you're ready to go!

Best of all, it can be assembled in literally five minutes using ingredients found in the pantry and vegetable drawer.

My chopped vegetables included the familiar assortment found in gazpacho, including: cucumber, green onions, green bell pepper, a Spanish onion, and garlic.

I li…

Simple Kindnesses

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to do some shopping. I'm trying out a new diet, the Flat Belly Diet, that I read about in last month's issue of Prevention Magazine. My experiments with diet and the struggles of trying to lose weight at a certain age is not the point of this post, merely a reference point to my state of mind. What I want to discuss is what happened while I was in Whole Foods.

I began my shopping in the produce section. I shop with a general list of items in mind, but leave myself open to what's on sale or what catches my eye. I picked up some baby lettuce and began examining the tomatoes. I have a pet peeve with often they are dreadfully devoid of any flavor. The best luck I've had was buying locally from a farmer's market. So I examined the variety of tomatoes on offer with a skeptical eye. As I studied the vine ripened variety that were promised to have been grown in a greenhouse, one of the produce managers approached me and asked i…