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The Glass Mystery - Chapter 26: Lake Tahoe

Chapter 26“Will your family come here for Christmas or will you go to them?”George peered at me over his cup of Earl Grey tea and waited for my answer. We’d spent the morning filling Christmas orders, making up gift baskets that I’d designed in conjunction with Sara in the video store, and James fine gifts and stationary store three doors down from us. George sat behind the counter watching me put together the baskets at a small table I’d set up at the front of the store. My intention was that window shoppers would be greeted by the enticing sights and smells of scented soaps, gourmet coffee, gleaming boxes of dark chocolate truffles, see the baskets being created and be inspired to stop in and order one for that hard to please person on their list. Thus far, my inspiration had resulted in three new orders, which wasn’t bad. I had not counted on George’s interest in watching me through the entire process. I’d hoped he’d take a sick day, instead, I’d been subjected to hours of probing …

Julia Child: My Hero!

There are so many reasons why I love and admire Julia Child. Learning today that she once worked as a spy for the United States and the Allies during World War II is simply the icing on the cake and an example of a life lived large and right. (Can't you just imagine Julia, her six foot frame, enrobed in a trench coat, a cigarette in one hand, skulking around a dark alley, meeting with her Nazi target, with that booming voice of hers?)

Julia is best known as a pioneer in cooking, bringing French Cuisine to the American public. What is less well known is that she tirelessly worked for over ten years to write and re-write what would become a classic, Mastering the Art of French Cooking (with her partners Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck) and that the book was nearly never published. Her journey and struggle to write the book, create the cooking show that would become the predecessor and benchmark of every subsequent cooking show, and the rise of the concept and industry of the …

Lake Tahoe, My Love

There are places that haunt our memory, like that special someone: never forgotten, yet never able to live up to the memory we've carried for all these years. That is my relationship with Lake Tahoe.

(Cue up Barbara Streisand singing 'The Way We Were')

I love this place, truly, truly, I do. When I drove in last week and glimpsed the lake for the first time in ten years, I had a knowing smile on my face. You know, that one you get when you see someone you've had a certain something with? Yeah, that. I had to park the car, get out and take a picture. But I expected that. The place is stunningly beautiful, it has everything: mountains, water, sunny skies, beautiful homes. Ah, that last part is actually the problem. Those lovely homes come with California style price tags and this being essentially a second home community, there's not a lot of work on offer to pay the mortgage....waitressing at Gar Wood's on the lake isn't going to cut it. Yet, if that were the …