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Backstory: Discovering My Novel All Over Again

Part of my journey during these five weeks in Evergreen, Colorado, has been to spend time working on the revisions to my second novel. I am near the half-way point, and estimate that there are at least thirty-three more chapters to revise. My goal is to complete fifteen chapters while I'm here. To accomplish that feat requires that I work on the chapters every day, which is one reason why chapter posts out number posts containing my 'thoughts of the day'.

What has been the most interesting part of this process is that I truly don't know where it's going. How is that possible? Well, I began writing this novel over six years ago, and while I completed about two-thirds of the book, I did so in a haphazard way. As the chapters alternate between Moscow and Lake Tahoe, I sometimes worked chronologically and sometimes jumped forward working solely on the Moscow chapters while leaving the Lake Tahoe chapters blank, only bookmarked by chapter headings. Then I quit writing fi…

Voices I Love: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Many years later,
as he faced the firing squad,
Colonel Aureliano Buendia
was to remember that
distant afternoon when
his father took him to discover ice."

- opening line from One Hundred Years of Solitude
by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I have finally begun reading this classic of literature, though I believe I have read that opening line a hundred times before in anticipation. This sentence may be one of the finest in literature. It is certainly the most beautiful.

photos: View from my deck, Evergreen, Colorado September 5, 2008

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Five Books I'm Embarrassed Not to Have Read (Yet)

This evening after I'd finished a bout of revisions on my latest chapter of the second novel (to be posted tomorrow, or so...) I decided to indulge in a little blog crawl. Trolling down my blog list I came across an interesting list composed by Rachel Hartigan Shea at the Washington'sShort Stack. The latest post consisting of a confession and list of Five Books I'm Embarrassed Not to Have Read.

Mulling over the choices I would confess to, I finally decided the idea was so fun I felt compelled to share it with you because I'm always interested in what others are (or are not) reading.

So, here's my shameful confession of books I've meant to read, but for one reason or another, have simply not yet gotten around to. Please leave a comment and let me know your own List of Shame....

Here's mine:

1. Any of the Harry Potter books, really.

- nothing against Harry, I hope someday to fall under his spell.

2. David Copperfield

- I even have a copy on my shelf …

And so it begins......

I've arrived in Evergreen, Colorado and am beginning the journey of five weeks in my little (rented) mountain cabin. I actually arrived on Monday night, went to the grocery store to load up on supplies, and then drove up to the cabin. I didn't sleep well the first night, waking at 3 am, and resorting to my tried and true solution of turning on my favorite news channel to provide white noise to lull me. I guess this was to be expected with the time difference and the first night in an unfamiliar place. I woke yesterday to grey skies and cold temps. I brewed a pot of coffee and huddled down in a chair on the deck to watch the skies and the mountains in the distance and wonder what I would be able to accomplish in the coming five weeks. Today, the skies are clear and sunny.

I tend toward a bit of agoraphobia when left to my own devices. The physical manifestation being a scarcely perceptible cotton ball of anxiety that sits in my chest and then slowly gains weight and panic-y heft…