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Oprah, I Feel Your Pain

photo credit: Oprah Magazine, Jan. 2009

Dear Oprah,

I'm with you. I understand all too well how easily those pounds slip on. Especially when you reach a 'certain' age. Yes, like you, I've tried the latest exercise routine, yoga, walking, running, Pilate's. I've done all the diets, no white foods, no carbs, no red meat, etc. etc. And like you, after the initial success wears off the pounds come back.

Here's me back then:

When I returned to the States three years ago I weighed thirty pounds less than I do today. As the pounds slowly crept on, I declared a bulwark at each five pound increment swearing I wouldn't go beyond it. But I did. I'm not going to blame going back to school or the stress of caring for my mother or even blame myself. I know why I gained the weight: I ate too much. When I came back from Colorado extremely unhappy, I ate. And I ate with gusto and intent. I was so angry and depressed, I ate myself ten pounds heavier in one month. Even as…

Work In Progress

I've started a new, or adjunct, or offshoot, I'm not sure what to call, to post my Work in Progress, which is absurdly also what the new place is called. You can get there by clicking on the highlighted link or in the right hand column you'll find another handy link. I've posted a new chapter in The Glass Mystery. It's actually pretty steamy in a culinary sorta way, although perhaps not as steamy as the kissing scene I started reading in TheVery Virile Viking (I kid you not, I almost bought it just for the title!) as I stood in CVS waiting for my brother to pick up the latest fishingmagazine.

A View From Table Onewill continue to be my main blog, and at the moment it's evolved into a weekly format of whatever grain of sand has crawled into my oyster shell. I'll post the articles on Mondays. (of course, now that I've announced this decision, I'll suddenly be inspired to write articles three times a week instead of once and post them who kn…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Here's one of the most beautiful songs of the season, I hope your day is spent with those you love and is filled with joy.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

I pray

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I pray.

Before I fall asleep at night and when I first wake in the morning, I pray. Nothing formal, no getting on the knees, no recitation of prescribed words, just a fitful one-sided conversation with God, often with more questions asked than answers given. I wish I could say that these conversations do the job, or that I was one of those people who seem to have effortless faith, trust that is complete, a line of communication that always provides answers...instead what I've found is that His silence provokes me to pursuit. Being dogged I leave no stone unturned, determined as I am to elicit a response. Here's a list of some of my stops along the way...

1. The Internet is a great source of spiritual sustenance. There are countless forums where one can discuss questions of faith, blogs describing one's spiritual journey, places to proclaim, proselytize, or even pray. As I was googling f…