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This Is Me On Paper

The July 24, 2006 issue of Fortune, featuring ...Image via Wikipedia


Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing
Deliver high quality sales and leasing transactions. Conduct market research, create and execute targeted market campaigns, evaluate investment potential of target properties. Negotiate Purchase and Sale terms. Guide transaction process from listing to closing.

Assistant Vice President Overseeing Business Development of Fortune 500 Accounts
Develop Marketing Plans, providing introductions into foreign investor markets. Oversee liaison between clients and investors across international business cultures. Develop and implement client strategy with senior VPs across three global business units


Jan 2006- Present NAI Rauch Weaver Norfleet Kurtz & Co. Fort Lauderdale, FL
Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing
Specialize in commercial sales and leasing, including: retail, office, and land. Identify and evaluate acquisition or lease sites. Coordinate all marketing efforts to promote sales by developing long-range strategic plans to assist clients in attaining those goals. Negotiate lease and sales contracts with prospective owners/tenants for space in existing properties, and land; develop broker relationships to generate additional business opportunities for the company; conduct market research, analyze comparable properties, and prepare marketing packages for prospective clients; show space to prospective tenants and respond to questions regarding leasing costs, including tenant improvements (TI); negotiate lease terms and process transaction of lease renewal terms and amendments for the properties; coordinate the preparation of sale and lease agreements. Create marketing campaigns for listed properties. Facilitate sales and lease process through consistent, prompt and reliable communication.

Aug 2001 –Oct 2005 Baku International School Baku, Azerbaijan
Educator for international educational institution with 26 schools in the CIS, China and South America. Spearhead Accreditation Committee, supervised student tour through Egypt, founded school’s literary journal. Excellent verbal and written skills.

Oct 1986- Apr 1994 Yamaichi International America New York, NY
Assistant Vice President Corporate Finance
Responsibility for Business Development and managing services provided to Fortune 500 accounts. Cultivate accounts and manage services provided to CFO's of Fortune 500 corporations such as Ford and Chrysler to assist with yen-denominated financing arrangements targeting Japanese investors. Manage implementation of euro-yen commercial paper programs for both clients. Served on team underwriting Amway Japan for initial public offering; served as liaison to Amway Corp for Yamaichi. Manage Investor Relations products, meetings, and international travel arrangements for U .S. companies to meet with Japanese investors in order to promote their company's stock. Execute successful marketing and underwriting of financial products. Create seamless communications between competing departments.

Jan 2006- Sep 2007 Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA
MBA -- Real Estate Development / Small Business Development, GPA 3.9 /4.0

Sep 1979- May 1986 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI. USA
BGS -- International Business,Psychology GPA 3.0/4.0

This is me on paper. This one page is my calling card, my representative as I apply for jobs out west. It is a summary of how I've spent the years since leaving college in 1986. It's purpose is to showcase my skills, my talents as a worker for my future employer. It gains entrance before I do and based on how well it performs either opens or closes a door.

And yet, reading through it I want to laugh. That one piece of paper is given such weight, such importance, is astounding. Oh, I understand that it is intended to make the job search easier for the employee and the employer. Especially today where the Internet allows me to post my resume on innumerable websites or to attach it to innumerable email and send it off 24/7 with the worry of a stamp or consideration of paper weight or font. I understand that it is intended to create efficiencies.

I imagine my resume joining thousands and millions of others flying through the vast byways of the Internet, branching off at different avenues to be read or deleted or accepted by turn. Each resume carrying the hope of the applicant, spurred on by desperate straits of dwindling bank accounts or bleary-eyed shock of an unexpected loss, and the knowledge that so many others are seeking the same job. It's scary out there.

In my case, I am still employed but as you can imagine, the real estate market in South Florida has slowed and my income has dropped. And while I search for my mountain home, I understand that the 'where' of it will ultimately be determined by where I can find a job to support the purchase of that home and life in that community. Reading through the paragraphs of dates and titles and tasks completed of my resume, I see what brought me to each job. The earliest job, in investment banking was motivated by my passion for Wall Street. My second job, teaching was opportunistic, I went overseas and was offered the job. Luckily, it allowed me to share my love of books as I taught literature and writing, and my passion for the market, as I taught economics. My third job in real estate was motivated by convenience and a challenge. My office is close to home and the hours are very flexible so during the first two years after my mother's open heart surgery, when she was admitted to the hospital on numerous occasions, this job allowed me to take her to doctor's appointments and to spend time with her. It was a welcome challenge because it was my first foray back into the business world after a long absence.

This is me on paper. This is my first impression. And yet, I laugh because I am so different than this person so much more, so unlike this collection of historical markers. This paper carries my hopes and dreams of a mountain home. But it is not me. It does not capture my sense of humor , my diligence to complete a deal, my passion for a world view. But most of all, it is not me because it does not yet reflect the career I want to create. My first passion is writing, however, given market feedback I have not reached a level where this can be a career. So I have to find an alternative. Figuring that out may be the most difficult task of all. You can follow me through this process on my other blog: Every Day Do One Thing, where I am keeping a daily journal of my search for a new job and a new home.

Finally, I want to share a few books on the job hunt / career search that might be of help to those of you going through the same journey:

Knock 'Em Dead 2009

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

No More Mondays

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Vodka Mom said…
my husband is part of this "group" of people now looking for a job.


GOOD luck on your search!!! I will be following along.
Mark said…
Oh yes the curve balls keep coming and we must keep swinging. A hit is certain to come! :)
Larramie said…
What your resume tells me, Suzanne, is exactly how complex, multi-layered and flexible you are. In other words, you can do just about anything!

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