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25 February

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Where have I been?

Have I abandoned my goal of doing one thing every day?

Not at all.

I have though, been suffering a bout of anxiety of indecision. I hit a wall called what I want versus what seems practical. I've been searching the web every day in my absence, trying to resolve my desire to be where I want to be, which is Incline Village / Lake Tahoe and where I can afford a home which is Heber City / Midway Utah.

Today I went as far as making reservations and saving the itinerary for a trip to Heber City / Midway for mid-March and then another trip to Incline Village for mid-April. The trip to Heber / Midway would be to look at real estate and the town in general to ascertain whether this would be a place where I could live. The trip to Incline Village would be for the purpose of looking at houses, but also places I could rent and actually move to.

In the case of Incline Village, the plan would be to actually move there, rent a home and then start looking for a job to support my life there. What I've found is that looking for a job from afar is not the most practical method. For instance, when I wanted to move to New York (years ago) things didn't fall into place until I actually got into town. The risk is that I move and am unable to find a job there. And I would be spending money from my house fund to cover my costs while I look for a job.

Thus my anxiety. For the past few nights my stomach has been in knots. I can easily afford a house in Heber City / Midway. It also has the snow on the ground that I want. On the other hand, Incline Village has always been a place I love, but the cost of housing there is so expensive that I would only be able to afford a house there if I was able to get a $100K job. And how many of those are there in that neighborhood? Both places are close to cities....Salt Lake City and Reno. I could of course always return to Evergreen, Colorado which is commutable to Denver. Whatever the final decision, I plan to move this summer. It's time to move forward.

What to do? I wish a door would open for me, something that would provide me with a sense of direction.

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larramiefg said…
Ask for that door, I expect it to appear by mid-March.

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