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8 May

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This week there was a terrific article in the Wall Street Journal describing the rise of freelance careerists. This alternative career path is a win-win for both the company that wants to cut down on overhead staffing costs and for the individual.

For the company, hiring freelance staff allows them to hire staff for short-term specialized projects, without having to provide a desk, a 401-K, a paid vacation plan. It also allows them a relatively painless way to increase and decrease staffing levels more fluidly in response to demand requirements.

The freelance employee makes their own hours, work where they want, chose their projects, and have multiple clients, thereby increasing potential income sources rather than relying on just one. This option would provide me, if not with full income potential, at least a soft landing in my new hometown as I look for more traditional work. Who knows, it might be a way to fulfill my desire to work from home.

How to get started? The WSJ article provided a few of the most popular sites:

There was another article on the same page (Second Act: Stories of Reinventing a Career "From Wall Street to Green Mountain) that described a man, probably my age, who left a high flying career on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs! no less) to pursue a career more in line with his interests and desired lifestyle. So he traded Wall Street for Green Mountain coffees in Vermont and from the picture in the paper, he looks pretty darn pleased with himself. This is exactly what I hope to achieve with my own move.

Absolutely inspiring.

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larramiefg said…
Now this I can imagine you doing, being both successful and happy!

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