When Rainy Days are Cause for Joy

I love this time of year. It's rainy season in South Florida and the darkened skies that blanket our afternoons and lash us with quick moving squalls are like liquid sunshine.

Prior to the daily deluge of the past two weeks, we've had months of humid, but rainless, hot weather that scorched our lawns turning them helplessly brown and made going outdoors a hot, humid mess. Now the relentless sun and heat have been replaced with skies as dark as early evening, puddles at the end of our driveways, and green lawns. It's also created a nice scene changing, mood shift for our little perpetually sunny town. Somehow this dramatic change does us good, it feels more grown up around here, more urban, perhaps chic?


JCK said…
Nothing like rain to kiss the parched grasses... Glad you're getting your rain.
Madge said…
i love the rain too. we've had tons of rain here in central georgia and it has been a relief after so much draught.
Jennifer H said…
I love those days, and that shift in mood. It does a soul good.
Keli said…
Good for you! All I hear are complaints from my So. Florida friends about the rains.
You have a lot to look forward to afterwards - everything will be green!
LarramieG said…
Into every life some rain must fall but look for those rainbows that follow!

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