24 August

Tomorrow I leave for Park City / Midway, Utah for a long overdue exploratory trip out west to check out one of the places that I have been checking out online. Two things draw me to this area: snow and affordable real estate. The rest of what I'm looking for in a place ranges from the broad (small town, sun, affordable) to the particular (catholic church, farmers market, up and coming but laid back).

The top three contenders in the 'Where Should I Move' adventure continue to be:

1. Incline Village / Tahoe / Truckee

2. Evergreen, Colorado

3. Park City / Midway, Utah

Two close contenders are:

4. Bend / Ashland, Oregon

5. Bozeman / Livingston / Whitefish / Bigfork, Montana

Packing is going well and the timing of my move is first week of October. Does it seem strange that I still haven't decided where I'm moving????


Sewicked said…
Have you looked at anything in the neighborhood of Ouray, CO? It has a hot spring fed swimming pool. Just so you know.

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