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12 October 09

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Colorado for a five day investigative trip. I will spend three days in Evergreen, which is where I spent the month of September last year...a rather glorious month of writing every day and watch election news commentary every evening. Toward the end of the week, I'll head down to Colorado Springs for two days to look at rentals there as well as to drive around the city and get a feel for the area. I haven't been to 'CoS' in years and really don't remember it. In both Evergreen and Colorado Springs, I will be staying in houses that are prospects for rentals which will give me the opporutnity to 'test drive' each place to see how it feels.

By the way, one travel tip I'd love to pass on: if you have an extended trip, check out, often you can rent an entire beautifully decorated house for the price of a hotel room. So instead of being stuck in a small room and eating every meal at some fast-food chain, you can relax in a spacious home and enjoy your own homecooked meal. This is a particularly good deal for families and a great way to get a feel for an area from a residents perspective rather than a tourist's.

So I'm ready for this trip, I've got comfortable accomodations to look forward to, homes to visit, and hopefully some beautiful sights to see. And then it will be decision time. November will find me somewhere....I've had difficulty sleeping this past week which is what happens when I have a lot on my mind. I either have difficulty getting to sleep at night (to which problem I address by reading myself into somulance) or I wake up at 5am with a mind full of worry. When the 5am situation happens I start talking to God. And I try 'positive thoughts'. I remind myself that some of the best things that have happened were completely unexpected, so I remain open to the possibility of a positive outcome instead of worrying about my lack of a decision.


Kasy Allen said…
Watch out though, VRBO's can cause you trouble too! A lot of times VRBO renters think that they get the same amenities as other guests in certain locations, i.e. condo managment companies. They are quickly surprised to find out that not only do they miss out on a lot of the amenities, they can't even get common things from the resort like toilet paper and towels. If you run out of the basics or the toilet gets clogged while on vacation, what do you do when the owner lives in another state? I've seen this happen way to many times and it can ruin a vacation!
Suzanne said…
Thank you for valuable insight Kasy. I've been lucky so far (knock on wood), for instance with both of my Colorado stays, the owners live in town. But you raise some very good things to watch out for. Thank you!

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