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Though a month later than my original goal, tonight I finally reached the 60,000 word count mark in my novel in progress.
Only 40,000 words to go. Funny thing is, I actually feel like I'm gaining momentum! I am enjoying the writing process more than I ever have before. I find myself thinking about the book even when I'm not sitting in front of the computer working on it. I've started reading books on craft to help me create better scenes, more textured descriptions, more interesting conversations. Currently I'm reading Make a Scene by Jordan E. Rosenfeld, which I find to be a terrific book with plainspoken, practical advice.
I have moments when I wish I was one of those writers who outlined before writing, because from one chapter to the next, I'm not really sure how I'm going to get from where I am to where the book ends. In fact, at the moment I'm not entirely convinced that the person I thought 'done it' really did do it. Still I can feel myself ma…

New Templates for Blogger Fans!

You may have already received this announcement about the new Blogger design features that allow you to choose new templates and customize them, but just in case, here's the information. It's also an explanation of why you may see my blog looking a bit crazy in the next couple weeks (I've already tried one out today, as you may have noticed). I love the sleek compartmentalize look of this one which is a twist on my usual plain white look. However, they've also included some neat special effects templates with beautiful graphics that you can choose from or rotate through. You know I can't resist playing!

We’re excited to announce that the Blogger Template Designer is now available on Blogger in draft, Blogger’s experimental playground.The Blogger Template Designer makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your blog without knowing any HTML or CSS. Here are a few of the new features available in the Blogger Template Designer:Beautiful new templates to start from…


Yesterday when I was working on my thousand words for the day, I actually had to stop mid-stream because things weren't going well. I walked outside and thought that perhaps I should just trash the novel because I'd reached a point where I couldn't see my way forward. I'd 'lost the plot' as my Australian friend would say. Well actually, I didn't think about trashing the novel, I simply thought it was crap but that I would finish it, because I like to finish what I've started. Still, it was 57,000 words of crap, of what I'd planned to be a 100,000 word novel.
Today as I was out running errands I had an ephipany about where I'd left the last chapter and where it should go from there. Tonight I started writing out that idea and as I wrote I got more and more excited, not just about the scene but about where it could go from there and how it could change the trajectory of the novel. For the first time in months, I'm very excited about this novel.

23 March 2010

applied for 5 freelance jobs, worked on pitchdiscovered new job site, signed up for email alertsapplied for three new jobs at a corporate sitehad inspiration for a new scene in novel, wrote the intro scene, I am now re-energized about my novelit's snowing, beautiful!

Elements of a Good Day

I've begun living consciously. By this I think about how I spend my time and frame my choices in a more positive and constructive way. When working from home it's easy to let time slip by and then wonder where it went. Today I began thinking and then acting upon what I call the elements of a good day. I've come up with the following:
1. Doing what I love: We all have work commitments, those things we have to do every day to put groceries in the fridge. However, I've discovered that if I can carve out a dedicated space to do something I love each day, the 'work stuff' seems much more pleasant. (Count yourself lucky if your work also happens to be something you love!) I started today by writing a 1,000 words in my novel in progress. Usually I wait until the end of the day to start writing, but by then more often then not, I'm tired and either write half-heartedly or make an excuse not to write at all. By writing first thing, I felt great when I'd reached …

Our Visit to Vail and Birthday Greetings

My brother John and sister-in-law Heidi flew out from Florida to help me celebrate my birthday this year. We drove west to Vail and had lunch and then took the gondola to the top of the mountain to have drinks. It was a lovely day as you can see from the pictures below.
On my actual birthday, March 19th, Mother Nature gave me a spectacular gift of a foot of beautiful snow, which left us housebound. My birthday turned into a very fun day of making snow angels, sitting in front of the fire, playing gin rummy, listening to music from the 'Big Chill' (our era) drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers, and then later a dinner of homemade chili and salad finished by a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting made by Heidi.
It was a great visit. I'm taking John and Heidi to the airport tonight with gratitude for a wonderful visit and knowing I'll miss their loving companionship.

Inside Out

Today I attended Saturday evening Mass for the first time in weeks. The gospel reading was the story of the prodigal son who returns home after wasting his entire fortune and is welcomed by his father. Father Chris spoke of how we could consider ourselves in various parts of this story. As I sat listening to his homily, I thought, 'God, I'm that child asking you for help.' What I heard was God saying, 'Don't you see, I'm that Father who loves you so much. Don't you see how I've cared for you?'
Later during Communion, I took out my rosary and started to pray, 'Mary, would you please talk to God, he's not listening to me.' And what I heard was, 'I'm going to pray that you hear what God is saying to you.'

When I got home from church I got a call from Mom, in Florida. She asked me to watch the Hour of Power, her favorite Saturday night TV viewing. The sermon was on Hope, built around the following scripture:

Romans 5:3-5 (New Centu…

10 March 2010

updated my resume on ## 's job boardapplied for a writers conference scholarshipupdated proposal on elanceapplied to copywriting jobapplied to 3 jobs on ##'s corporate website

10 March 2010

updated my resume on ## 's job boardapplied for a writers conference scholarshipupdated proposal on elanceapplied to copywriting jobapplied to 3 jobs on ##'s corporate website


This being almost the middle of March, it is almost the midway point of my six month adventure in Evergreen. Tonight it's snowing for which I am incredibly grateful. It snowed two days ago and then by this morning, the sun and temperatures that edge up daily, had melted most of it. When it began snowing again late this afternoon I stood outside and watched it and wondered if one of these days I would be watching the last snow of this winter. This being Colorado, perhaps that's a bit dramatic as I've been told that they've even had flurries in June. Still, these days of snow fill me with gratitude.

Time seems to be moving more quickly now. I looked up and saw that I hadn't posted here in over a week. And when I tried to recall what I'd done in the past week, I realized that I would actually have to consult my daily diary to recall where the days had gone. 

I hosted a dinner party for my book club. I completed a freelance writing assignment, my first. I've star…

Interview Time

One of the best things about blogging are the amazing people I get to meet. Although I may never meet these people in person, they have quickly become friends who are sharing the journey, who become cheerleaders, and sources of wisdom. 

Recently I have become a fan of Erika Liodice, who is the author of Beyond the Gray, a blog that is one part 'follow your dream' inspiration for everyone and one part one writer's personal journey toward publication.

Every month Erika interviews one of her readers by sending them five questions in which they are asked to describe a dream they are pursuing. This month was my turn. So if you click on the link above, you'll go directly to her blog and be able to read my responses to the five questions about my current journey.

But before you leave.....I decided to turn the tables on Erika and asked her to provide answers to the same five questions as a way of introducing her to all of you. And she kindly agreed. 

Please take a moment to read h…