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Damn the Critics, Live Your Dream!

A couple weeks ago I was reading Erika Liodice's blog Beyond the Gray, in which she highlighted an article by Christine Egan, entitled:  'Overrated: Following your Dreams'. In the article Ms. Egan, ironically the Editor in Chief of a website entitled, recommends the following:

I am about to share with you the key to a contented existence. Once you understand the following life lesson, you will be much, much happier. I promise... Do NOT follow your dreams. Doing so under any circumstances will only lead to wasted years and immeasurable heartache.

I was so outraged by this article that I was going to use this post to refute her article's counter-intuitive, ill-logical, and yes, insipid argument. 
Instead, I'm going to take the high road (ahem) by profiling three women who are at this very moment following their dreams. 
So, touche' Ms. Egan, here's three clever women who know better than to take your advice...

First up, my friend, Mariellen Roemer, and her blog The Full Life. Mariellen recently left an impressive job with a major corporation to pursue her dream to become a videographer. Today she posted a video that she created for a pizzeria owner who wants to promote his family owned business. She hopes to use this video as a marketing tool to entice other small business owners to have a similar video made (by her) to use as a marketing tool. Here's a look at the video. By the way, if you know of any business owners who would benefit from this unique and compelling source of advertising, contact Mariellen.

Second, my friend, Larramie, creator of The Divining Wand, a blog dedicated to introducing and promoting debut authors. Her blog began modestly with reviews of books, but has quickly evolved into a literary salon featuring author interviews, guest posts by authors, and insights into the writer's psyche and process that you won't find elsewhere. The Divining Wand is becoming the 'go-to' source for not only first-time authors, but New York Times best-selling writers  as well. If you are an aspiring writer or an avid reader, The Divining Wand should be part of your day.

And finally, coming full circle, my friend Erika Liodice, creator of the blog, Beyond the Gray. Erika's blog is a constant source of optimism and positive thinking encouraging us to pursue our dreams as well as how to overcome the inevitable ups and downs that come with the pursuit. At the beginning of the year, Erika shared her list of goals for 2010. Remarkably, Erika is quickly knocking out each and every one of those goals, including completing her novel in progress and I believe she's soon to be on her way to obtaining an agent and a publisher.

So there you have it...three impressive women who are pursuing their dreams, and I'm guessing, a lot happier as a result.

And for the record Ms. Egan, there was no JK Rowling until an unemployed woman with a burning desire to tell a story, and fulfill her dream of becoming a writer, sat down to write.


JCK said…
You go, GIRL! Love this post, and your message. Amen. :)

(And love that painting of Mary in your sidebar.)
Anonymous said…
Suzanne, thank you for your very positive post. I can't take all the credit for any success, which is also due to the help and support I get from many people including a very skilled technical colleague in this venture. And I would also say living your dream has moments of heartache in it too. The reason I embarked on this venture was when I asked myself if I'd regret not trying in 10 years time, I knew the answer was yes.

My hat is off with thanks to anyone who helps others starting out on new ventures and I was very interested to read about the other women in your post.
Keetha said…
I'm with you! Great post! You know I'm a big fan of The Diving Wand!
Erika Liodice said…
Right on, Suzanne! Love the examples (thanks for making me one of them!).

larramiefg said…
Suzanne what a lovely surprise, thank YOU! The irony is that as I began reading this post I thought of the three female journalists who made their dreams/wishes come true and collaborated on the memoir, Three Wishes. You can meet all three in The Revealing of Carey Goldberg, Beth Jones, and Pamela Ferdinand, at The Divining Wand.

As for Ms. Egan settling for contentment...well, perhaps that's her dream? ;)
If we don't pursue our dreams, then all we do is the norm. Never know where we may go. Checking out these other sites.

Hope all is well.

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