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Scenes from Evergreen

It's been a while since I've posted pictures from Evergreen and as we move from winter into spring and as my lease here ends in a month, it seems apropos to post pictures that represent my favorite keepsakes of my stay. Although these might look familiar, I promise they are new.

For instance, last week I awoke to snow....yes, snow at the end of April, albeit fleeting.

While I have taken hundreds of photos of snow out my window, there are some that I will always remember. Like the view of Mt. Evans at six a.m., on the morning of my first day here, when I'd walked downstairs and looked out the window and was simply shocked at the mountain's luminosity in the pre-dawn winter light.

My monthly book club is still going strong and has evolved into a themed pot luck dinner party built around the book we're reading (or our own personal tastes of the moment). This month we're doing French food and I'm making beef bourguignon, Emmental cheese mashed potatoes, and strawberries / blackberries, fresh whipped cream and Champagne for desert. Bet you wish you were here!

I've included a picture of some new visitors to our bird feeder. I don't know if they have winged in with the Ides of May, or if they've simply just found the trough, but we welcome the lovely yellow finches that have joined our regulars at the little cedar house.

 If you wonder what I do all day, here's a peek. After reporting on the breakdown of my third PC in the past year, a couple months ago I finally bought a Mac. So now I spend my days sitting at computer with a much larger screen, which is thankfully easy on my eyes, and as you can see, I sometimes even eat lunch there.

One of my favorite memories of Evergreen will be the lovely, gentle, wildlife that have graced the meadow outside my window. On an almost daily basis we've seen white-tailed deer, like these, a black fox, and the majestic elk.

 And finally, there's my darling Coco. She's been my constant companion and an opinionated commentator every step of the way.


Keetha said…
Sounds like you've carved yourself out a wonderful life, full of things you love.

And I want to join your book club!
larramiefg said…
You finally bought the Mac! (grin)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this lovely tour. Lovbe teh carpet in your living room - well your whole house, in fact. I am sure you will miss living there ..
Anonymous said…
BTW- great bird pic!

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