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Oh Lord, where is my job?

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Two weeks ago I posted my resume to a dozen of the most popular job sites to see if by casting a wide net I would attract more activity for my job hunt.

The results were simultaneously interesting and disappointing. On the one hand, I did not receive one inquiry from an employer. Which is of course, disappointing since most of these sites tout their ability to get your resume in front of recruiters and employers and often reference the number of people who get hired each week by using their site.

On the other hand, what I did get was email from three 'career management' firms. Each one offered to critique my resume, re-write it, write cover letters, and put me in touch with the thousands of 'unpublished' job listings, all for $2000 - $7000.

While I declined their offers, I did have a very informative conversation with one of the career management recruiters which helped me to clarify the message I was trying to convey in my resume. Our conversation actually lasted over an hour and a half and was very helpful. So although I won't be using her firm for my job campaign, I am very grateful for her help.

Using the information that I gathered from that conversation, I re-crafted my resume and yesterday, re-posted it to the same job sites. I've also increased the number of job alerts that I receive by email each day, so that I will have even more jobs to apply to.

Which brings me to another aspect of the job hunt. On a daily basis I apply to several jobs, both permanent and contract/temporary work. Most of the time, I get no reply to my resume. Once in a while I receive a form letter of the sort: 'you're very qualified, but we've found someone who more closely matches our requirements...'. And I file these in my 'Employment' file.

However, what is very discouraging is when I apply to a job that I would love, and that I know I would excel at...and then receive the dreaded form letter. That happened to me on Monday. 

Over the weekend, I applied to a job that I was so impressed with, that after I'd sent in my application, I actually held imaginary interviews with the prospective employer. On Monday, however, I received a generic form letter with the requisite ding. And this time it hurt, because it was a job I know I would have been perfect for. What was worse was that there was no way to reply to the employer to state my case, or ask for re-consideration. 

And that's what is so frustrating about this whole job hunt. I desperately want to get to work and to feel productive. I'm writing more on my blogs simply as means to feel productive at something. But blogging doesn't pay the bills. I need a job to do that. Hopefully a job that I love, that actually aligns with my interests and talents.

A year ago, I was at a Fourth of July party in Fort Lauderdale. I was introduced to a friend of a friend, who said that he was a pilot. He loved his work. My problem is that when I am introduced, I don't know what to say. 'Hi, I'm Suzanne, I'm a ....'.  And that's the bottom line. I'm tired of standing on the precipice of beginning. I want to get underway, I just don't know how.

By the way, here's my revised resume. For what it's worth.

Suzanne E. Anderson, MBA


Self-initiated Influencer and Energetic Team Player: Operate as part of a close-knit team, with a commitment to client satisfaction. Inspire others to top performance. Experience developing and managing deadlines, working on multiple projects simultaneously as project leader and team member. Demonstrate positive initiative, leadership and comfort working in a fast paced environment.

Proven Record – Across All Corporate Functions: Strong interpersonal collaboration and team skills including working with cross-functional teams. Coordinate with all levels of the organization including executive management. Confident in high-pressure environment and able to operate successfully in senior level meetings.

International Liaison: Valuable international experience building relationships to create seamless communications and coordinate activities between competing departments on different continents.

Entrepreneurial Experience: Extensive experience working with entrepreneurs to assess, develop and achieve business and marketing goals. Founded start-up freelance writing business. Possess excellent relationship and new business development skills and desire to consistently achieve top revenue results.

Superior Problem Solving and Communication Skills: Translate complex information into clear and concise communications that will resonate with key audiences. Possess excellent written communication, verbal communication, and interpersonal skills. Excellent organizational and project-management skills. Exceptional presentation skills. 

Selected Achievements and Skills

·      Effectively communicating and collaborating with all levels of staff to ensure optimum environment. Exemplary interpersonal style, bringing a positive, problem-solving oriented approach to education.  
·      Energetic and forward thinking, ability to quickly learn and analyze complex content. Enjoy intellectual challenge; remain engaged and curious until solution is achieved.
·      Position Company in the marketplace as a highly competitive solutions based investment firm.  Maintain an in-depth knowledge of financial products.
·      Engage with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 clients, analyze business requirements, conduct research and create solutions, driven to provide exceptional results.
·      Served on key committees for curriculum writing and development, with online interactive learning experience. Combine strong passion for literacy, motivation, and inspiration to create a fun and challenging learning environment with strong connections to local and ex-patriot community.


AndersonWrites – Corporate Communications, Technical Writer

·      Demonstrate excellence in writing, analysis, and instructional design skills with the ability to write in a variety of styles/voices as needed – including sensitivity to requirements of narrated content.
·      Prioritize and coordinate multiple writing assignments, including research and follow-up. Create innovative marketing messages that drive revenue and bring unique product “stories” to the community. Conceptual thinker. Source of ideas that work.
·      Write articles for, a women’s magazine website. Utilize social media outlets including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to promote marketing objectives.

NAI Rauch Weaver Norfleet Kurtz & Co. – Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

·      Utilize a consultative approach to assess and provide solutions and programs that meet the entrepreneurs and investors’ strategic needs. Instincts for what will sell
·      Conduct market research, evaluate acquisition targets, and negotiate contract terms. Make forceful group presentations
·      Design and manage marketing campaigns for listed properties. Continually assess and evaluate marketing initiatives and methods with team ensuring resources are utilized in the most effective manner. 

Baku International School – Educator

·      Create innovative and effective lesson plans and ownership based projects. Bring out creativity in others. Excellent trainer.
·      Liaison with Senior Management, and international community, including government interests, to create and manage innovative extra-curricular and overseas educational programs.
·      Founder and publisher of school’s Literary Journal. Editor and coordinator of English language program for local children’s educational newspaper.
·      Freelance editor for foreign publisher. Read and review manuscripts outstanding oral and written communication skills. Coordinator and editor of school’s accreditation report.

Yamaichi International America – Assistant Vice President Corporate Finance

·      Deliver in depth presentations to internal and external clients across distribution channels.  Provide a comprehensive representation of philosophy, principles, processes, strategies and performance; articulate and discuss various market and investment related issues as appropriate. Assist blue chip/Fortune 500 companies access international capital markets and their Japanese subsidiaries through the IPO process.
·      Serve as a stand in for senior management in client and marketing meetings. Liaison with Sales and Trading colleagues to foster the development of appropriate investment product related materials and updates.
·      Manage Investor Relations products for U .S. companies to reach Japanese investors. Conceptualize, develop and execute creative marketing materials for the institutional market.

Strong management and motivational skills * Self-motivated* Corporate Communications * Willing to try new approaches * Relationship Management * Exceptional team player * Training and Development* Corporate Liaison * Persistent* Microsoft Office Suite * New Business Development * International Liaison * Very positive / upbeat* Customer Relations & Service * Sense of humor * Product Presentations * New Product Launch * Overseas Experience * Cross-functional Management Responsibilities * Achieve Editorial, Budgetary, and Schedule Goals * Risk taker * Edit manuscripts * Attention to detail, analytical mindset * Work independently * Cross-Industry Expertise * Strong organizational skills * Simplify complex problems

Nova Southeastern University
·      MBA - Masters of Business Administration GPA 3.9 /4.0
·      Dual Majors: Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Development, Minor: Finance
University of Michigan
·      BGS - Bachelors of General Studies - International Business GPA 3.0/4.0
·      Full Athletic Swimming Scholarship, Crisis Line Peer Counselor


larramiefg said…
YOU are NOT your job. Seriously. However what about creating a job? Seriously!
Erika Liodice said…
Ugh, job hunting is starting to sound a lot like agent hunting.
Keetha said…
I'm sorry - I can imagine how frustrating this must be.

Your resume is impressive. This is probably cold comfort but something will come your way, or as Larramie suggested, you'll create your way. Either way, we're cheering for you.
Anonymous said…
I'm so with you on this, and cheering you on too. You are not alone, and you are not your job, but a body has to eat. in my case, i see that most videographers are not full time, for that reason.

And the feeling productive part of the piece, very important.

Thank you for contributing your knowledge on good resume approach.


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