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How to Create a Book Cover for Your Ebook

After I made my decision to publish my novel as an ebook, I needed to focus on the practicalities:

editing my manuscriptcreating a cover for the ebookpublishing it to various ebook platformsI will cover each of these points over the next few posts, but to begin, let's start with the front of the book and work our way in. 
In this post I'm going to walk you through the steps I took to create my book cover. After I decided to self-publish, I went back to Karen McQuestion's blog and read her experiences with creating a book cover for her ebooks. She mentioned that she used While there are several websites with free templates for book cover design, many required Photoshop software, which I don't have. I enjoyed working with because it was very easy to use and of course, it was free!

I started with this cover, which I created from a picture of pages from my 'red journal' and text I incorporated for the title and author's name. It'…

Why I Chose to Self-publish

This week my novel MRS. TUESDAY'S DEPARTURE will be published on as a Kindle book and on Barnes and's Pubit ebook platform.

So to celebrate the launch, over the course of this week I will share with you why I made the decision to self-publish, the mechanics of doing it, and why this option might work for you too.

Why did I decide to self-publish?

Actually there was a perfect storm of several inputs, consisting of people I admire and my perception of industry trends, that provided the impetus to self-publish. Allow me to share them with you:

A couple months ago, my friend Larramie, who features up and coming authors at her blog, The Divining Wand, interviewed another of my blogging friends, Keetha whose blog I have followed for over a year. Keetha has written two delightful books on Southern cooking and Southern life called: Culinary Kudzu and More Culinary Kudzu. While I knew that Keetha had written these books, it wasn't until I read Larramie's int…

Simple Shrimp Fra Diavolo

I love, love, love the new Cooking Channel which was established a few months ago by the creators of the FoodNetwork. For me, at least, it's everything a cooking channel should favorite classics like Julia Child and my all time favorites The Two Fat Ladies, shows introducing us to talented international chefs, like Bal Ameson (Indian cuisine), Laura Calder (French), Ching He Huang (Chinese), Roger Mooking (a Caribbean twist)  who share their cuisine in a way that makes it accessible, so that we can expand our culinary appetites.

There are also wonderful new programs from some of our favorite chefs like Emeril Lagasse's new show Fresh Food Fast, which offers exactly what the show's title suggests. I love Emeril's new show because he demonstrates how to create tasty dishes using just a few fresh ingredients. Today's recipe, Shrimp Fra Diavolo, comes from one of his recent Fresh Food Fast episodes demonstrating easy seafood recipes. Since I had all the ingred…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday we had an inch of snow on the deck. Shortly after I posted those lovely photos it stopped snowing and the sun came out. At the request of Elizabeth Harper over at Gifts of the Journey, who wanted to see what the deck looked like today, I provide the following photos. As you can see, it's nearly always sunny here in Evergreen, which means that snowfall never stays long on the ground. Still, I'm looking forward to the next snowfall and after that, the point when it's cold enough for the lake to freeze and then we'll get to see the skaters. I'll post pictures when that happens.

Snow in Evergreen!!!!!

On October 4th I posted pictures of the golden Aspen trees outside our window and wondered when we would see our first snowfall. Well this morning when I got up it was sprinkling, and then those drops slowly turned to snow and it kept snowing, snowing, snowing... and I kept taking pictures. I believe we're received not more than an inch of snow and it's already stopped. But it's so beautiful! Here's some pictures for your enjoyment.

It started like this....

 And then it became like this....

Our last day of snow was May 18th....our first day of snow is October 12th. Yea, snow!!!!!

Gratitude: Giving What You Have

When I was gainfully employed I got into the habit of tithing, or giving ten percent of what I earned. It made me feel good to share what I'd earned and I enjoyed directing money to charities that I believed in. Over the past year, when I've been looking for work rather than earning I haven't been able to give as much since I'm not earning a significant income (or some months, nothing at all).

However, thanks to the example of my mother, I've learned that giving can achieved in other ways. For instance, Mom volunteers for two hours each Tuesday at our local thrift store and two hours at the Senior Resource Center. Lately, she's gotten into the habit of bringing a special treat with her, usually something I've baked, to share with the ladies at the Senior Resource Center.

This morning when I dropped her off, I watched her walk up the pathway to the entrance with a package of brownies that I'd made the day before. She stopped to speak with two ladies wh…

Autumn in Evergreen

The golden aspen colors that we experienced a couple weeks ago in Steamboat Springs, have finally arrived here in Evergreen. The pictures below are of the aspen trees in my neighbors yard, we have a great view of them from our living room window.

With the advent of autumn, we have have been in Evergreen for ten months and have now experienced all four seasons. This autumn has actually been quite mild, a veritable Indian Summer, with warm days and cool nights.

Despite the unusually mild weather, I find myself wondering when we'll see our first snowflakes or have our first snowfall. A couple years ago, when I was visiting Evergreen on an exploratory trip, we actually saw snow flakes at the end of September.

This contemplation of 'what comes next' is a inexorable habit of mine, a friend once described it as my constant 'yearning'. I suppose it might also be described as an impatience to see what happens next. And while I continue to wonder when I'll see those fir…