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Finally...Welcome Home!

Nearly a year to the day that I first moved to Evergreen, I've finally moved into my 'forever' home. Which is why I've been off-line for the past several weeks. We had the closing and then the moving (we're still surrounded by boxes) but the wonderful news is that after moving three times in one year (and looking at hundreds of houses), we've finally found a home of our own. This is a picture I took this morning after our first big snow.

This is a picture from the front door looking toward the driveway. As you can see, the driveway has been plowed. The magical thing is that it was already plowed when I looked out this morning. Some very generous soul plowed the six inches of snow that covered our very long driveway, without my knowing about it.

This is a view of the hill behind our house, aka, my new backyard.

This is a view from the deck, aka, my front yard. As you can see, we are surrounded by beautiful trees and the mountains beyond.

And this is the view from my upstairs bedroom window.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, know that this house hunt has taken years. My real estate broker, Alice, joked that it's actually been five years that she has been showing me houses in Evergreen. The more astounding reality is that I've been looking for a 'mountain home' since I left my job on Wall Street in 1994. My mother has always said that I'm a late bloomer, and this house hunt has certainly been evidence of that assertion. But after all that searching, I'm very happy to have a place to call home. The funny thing is that Alice first showed me this house in September and several times after, each time I said 'no, it's not the house for me'. Finally, when my brother John came up for a visit and helped me to see it through new eyes, I was able to say 'yes'. The funny thing is, after all the houses I've looked at, it's not the house I would have thought I'd end up with, and yet, now that I've moved in, it absolutely feels like home.

Today I've been reading the year-in-review posts from some of my blogging friends and thinking about how grateful I am for all that I've learned from what you've shared from your lives, about how your goals for the past year shaped up, and anticipating your goals for the coming year. In fact, I can't wait to read those posts of your new goals over the coming days.

I've also been thinking of how much my own life has changed in the past year, moving into this house being the most important accomplishment. I want you to know that I am so grateful for all the encouragement I have received from all of you throughout this journey.

I've also been thinking about what my next goals will be. I'm mulling them over and will write about them soon. In the mean time, thank you again.


Jennifer said…
Suzanne, I am SO, so happy for you. Our lives are running parallel right now, and it makes my enjoyment of my own new home even sweeter, knowing that you've found yours, too. I wish you much happiness in your new place. It's beautiful, and so are the views. Happy New Year, friend...Our door is always open to you!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Suzanne and congratulations on your move into your forever home. It's an amazing way to begin a new year and I am thrilled for you. I hope you'll bring us inside for a peak soon because my toes are getting cold outside in all this lovely snow. I love the look of it form the outside and also your views that look as if they go on for miles. So glad to see you have arrived just where you wanted to be.
Anonymous said…
Well you kept *that* quiet, gungadin, she said, roaring with laughter. Good for you! And thank you brother John, otherwise Elizabeth would now have hypothermia, still standing out there in that aforesaid lovely snow. "Not what I thought it would be but it absolutely feels like home," has to be the best combination out there.

My dear, I look forward to visiting you in your HOME, both physically and across the ethers, and to hearing about your plans and next adventures too.

Happy New Year Suzanne, and welcome home. (Still chortling with delight that you found it).
Southern Girl said…

I've really enjoyed the last year of reading about your home search, your faith, your writing career, and trying out your recipes! Thank you so much, and I look forward to a "blog tour" of your new home. God bless and congratulations!
Phil said…

I have come from watching a review of 2010 on television in the UK.

It is uplifting posts such as yours that helps persuade me that all isn't doom and gloom.

We came out to Evergreen at the start of October and were thoroughly taken with the area. Mountain living is a whole new world to us and it comes to no surprise that someone ploughed your drive without you knowing it - that's the kind of neighbours attracted to the place.

I hope you have the most wonderful time in your new home (reading your posts I can see you already do).


Suzanne said…
Thank you all for your lovely comments. You're going to have to wait a bit for inside photos....I still have lots of stuff to be delivered from Florida, so the inside is rather barren at the moment.
larramiefg said…
Of course I wonder how John opened your eyes for it's most lovely -- and exactly what I imagine for you --, Suzanne.
Keetha said…
Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you!

Your new place looks gorgeous. How wonderful for you.

Happy New Year!
JCK said…
Suzanne! What wonderful, exciting news! Yes, you've been on this journey a long time. And, it is SO wonderful to see it realized. Huge congrats! I wish you many lovely, happy years in your new home.

Happy New Year, my friend! Lots of good times ahead!

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