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Welcome Home Henry!

Henry is a 4 year old Newfoundland who had been rescued by Big Dogs, Huge Paws, a great rescue organization doing amazing work to save dogs. Henry was rescued from a shelter in South Dakota and was being fostered by a loving family in Nebraska. Last month, I  put in an application to adopt a large breed and then waited until we found just the right one...

This weekend we drove to North Platte, Nebraska where we met Henry. He'd already been in two different cars when he arrived at the Holiday Inn parking lot where we met. And yet, when he stepped out of the car, it was as if we'd known each other for ages and after a walk around the parking lot to stretch his legs, and a refreshing drink of water, he graciously got into the back of our car for the ride back to Colorado.

Given Henry's size, Coco had to ride up front with Mom, my co-pilot on this trip. Luckily Mom's always up for a road trip. And so is Coco.

Once we got home Henry was able to enjoy his first night in his…

Do We Ever Really Grow Up?

I've been unpacking the last of the boxes that were in storage in Florida and today I came across one that was filled with pictures taken ten years ago. The pictures actually made me laugh as I looked at myself posed in front of the Duomo in Florence, Italy, looking so earnest and trying so hard to appear fashionable because I’d recently lost fifty pounds and thought the new skinny me in my new wardrobe would be my key to happiness. And it was in some respects, I had a great time. Yet it was still the same old me inside, with all of the same old insecurities.

As I looked at those pictures, I wondered: do we ever grow up? Do we ever really change over the years?

I guess the reason this is on my mind is because I just turned 49, which is one of those momentous numbers. It means that for the next 364 days, I will be obsessing about turning 50, which seems so much older than my forties ever did.

When I was younger I always looked to the future and thought of the things I would accomplish…


Happy birthday to me...

happy birthday to me....

happy birthday, dear Suzanne...

happy birthday, to me...

If  you're in the neighborhood....

stop by for a piece of cake and a glass of wine!

Snow Day!

I've been lamenting what a dry, warm winter we've had this year.

So you can imagine just how happy I was when I woke up this morning and found that we had snow on the ground!

Coco and I ran outside with my camera and took a slew of pictures.

Because, as  you can see from this view of our driveway, this snow was not going to stick around.

Still, while it lasted it was incredibly beautiful.

Everything looks better when it's covered in snow.

Especially the mountains.

Though by midmorning it was beginning to melt. And by afternoon it was as if it had never been.

I'm just thankful I was able to capture it before it was gone.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I'm not Irish. I don't like corned beef. I think boiled cabbage smells bad. And soda bread is bland. You won't catch me wearing green, it makes me sallow. And if anyone tries to pinch me, I'll pinch right back.

On the other hand, I enjoy any excuse to bake a cake. So when Mom requested a St. Patrick's Day cake she could take with her to her weekly volunteer gig at the senior center, I of course acquiesced.

This is the result: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The decorative show on top is my handiwork. Those green squiggly things are supposed to be clover, not iguanas.  Mom commented that apparently I'd never been taught the Zaner-Bloser handwriting method. Still, I bet it beats boiled cabbage.

Mrs. Tuesday's Departure Giveaway!

Today my novel, Mrs. Tuesday's Departure is being reviewed over at The Divining Wand. There is also a big book giveaway if you leave a comment on this specific post. Good luck and enjoy!

How to Face Your Fears and Beat Procrastination

Suzanne doing what she does best...not working.
My debut at The Divining Wand continues with the obligatory guest blog post on a topic of my choosing. So I chose the thing that has lately been my achilles heel: procrastination.

Things have gotten so bad that rather than write, I've been debating what to write. And of course, not writing anything at all.

My guest post at The Divining Wand (and a lot of probing questions from Larramie) forced me to dig a little deeper and rather than simply come up with a pat answer to 'what to do when you're procrastinating', to really figure out why I was procrastinating.

If you'd like to find out what I discovered and how it might help you break out of your own procrastinating habits....hop over to here.

The Revealing of Suzanne Anderson...oolala!

Today at The Diving Wand, the place to meet new authors, Larramie is interviewing me and profiling my novel Mrs. Tuesday's Departure. Hop on over there and discover my darkest secrets and satisfy your curiosity about what flavor of Haagan Dazs ice cream I can't live without.