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Whole Wheat Pie Crust, Self-Reliance, and a Quiche

The other day, Mom watched an episode of Paula Deen making quiche. Mom then decided that we should make a quiche since we had swiss cheese, bacon, and eggs in the fridge. However, we didn't have a frozen pie shell which is what we usually put the aforementioned ingredients in when we make a quiche.

Then I remembered something Brother John said to me years ago: "Necessity is the mother of invention". Which is another way of saying, 'don't be afraid to do something new, especially when a) it doesn't cost anything, and b) you can do it yourself instead of relying on someone else', two of my brother's favorite maxims.

Which led me to the internet to find a recipe for whole wheat pie crust (since whole wheat was the only flour we had in the cupboard).

I've never made a pie crust before, but the ingredients couldn't be simpler. Flour, butter, and water. I added a few spices since this would be a savory dish.

Add a 1 1/4 cups of flour and a pinch of…

SNOW DAY - April 25th 2011

We woke to another beautiful snow covered morning.

This time, I decided to take pictures along Upper Bear Creek.

There's Mount Evans in the distance.

And this beautiful red barn in the valley.

Funny thing is by the time we'd driven the five miles into town to have lunch by the lake the snow was completely gone. Which is par for course with snow at this time of year.

Happy Easter!

Our Easter vigil service on Saturday night begins in darkness. All the lights in the sanctuary are turned off and we sit quietly, expectantly, waiting. The darkness represents the world before the Light of the world.

The priest comes in carrying the Easter candle and stops at the top of the aisle and chants, "Christ our Light" and we respond "Thanks be to God".

When the priest reaches the altar he stops and one person lights the candle they hold from the Easter candle. They turn and light the candle of their neighbor. This sharing of the fire goes one by one throughout the sanctuary until every candle is burning and the room is filled with a beautiful soft light.

This represents the Light that Christ brought to the world through His life, death, and resurrection.

It is a challenge to believe that one man could make such a difference. In the end, it becomes a choice to accept that indeed the world is a better place because of His presence, better afterward than befo…

Henry and the Easter Cupcakes

This week we made Easter cupcakes for Mom to take to the Senior Center where she volunteers on Thursdays. On Wednesday night we baked them and let them cool overnight.

Henry is always very interested in helping Mummy in the kitchen.

On Thursday morning we decorated the lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and coconut and placed a speckled egg in the center of each 'nest'.

Aren't they pretty? Now, please count the number of cupcakes in the farthest row on the right...

Did you count four cupcakes?

Now, count the number of cupcakes in the row on the right again. 
Did you count three? 
What happened? 
Let's ask Henry....

Henry, do you know what happened to that missing cupcake?

The 15 Minute Challenge

Last month I was inspired by a post I read on Keetha's new blog for writers You are Talented and Original. (By the way, I just love that title.) But back to the subject at hand...on Keetha's new blog she'd linked to an article about a writer who challenged herself to write just 15 minutes each day for a month and at the end to record what happened.

After I read the article I left a comment on Keetha's post that I'd been so inspired that I wanted to try the same challenge. In my case I wanted to use the challenge as a means to jumpstart my journal again, which had like everything else in my life, fallen to the wayside with the move and unpacking that seemed to begin in December and roll into the end of February.

On the first day of Lent, instead of giving something up (I'd already given up smoking in February, I figured that was enough) I decided to pick something up, in my case, a pen. As we now move into Easter week and the final days of Lent I want to report…

SNOW DAY - April 14th 2011

Last year around this time I started posting pictures whenever it snowed because I wanted to capture the last snow of the year, which I documented on May 18th.

Here's my nuthatch birdhouse....which is my feeble attempt at enticing the little nuthatches to nest here instead of attempting to dig a hole in the side of my house.

So yesterday, April 14th, we got a nice little overnight snowfall which was very welcome because our mild winter meant that fire season started way too early this year and we were desperately in need of moisture. So even though it was largely gone by noon on our sunny side of the valley, it was gratefully welcomed.

A lovely picture looking up the hill behind our house.

And out over the deck and across the valley.

Here's Henry doing what he loves best when it snows....laying in it and then eating it.

Here's Coco doing what she loves best...trying to figure out how to keep her feet dry.

And here they are in a rare together shot!

Henry Goes to the Dog Park

On Saturday, on a whim, we jumped in the car and took Coco and Henry to the Bark Park, which is very near our house.

By the way, I love this picture. Here's Coco sitting in her dog bed in the back seat and Henry leaning over from his place in the way back...his head is larger than Coco's entire body. And yet, Coco does not dein to acknowledge his presence.

Here's a view once you arrive in the dog park, it's a wonderful piece of wooded, fenced land with spectacular views. There is a second fenced field next door for playing catch and hanging out.

Mom and Coco hung out on a bench near the entrance and talked with the other doggie moms and dads that arrived that morning.

Henry and I took off on a hike through the woods.

Henry took to the new adventure like a duck to water...even posing majestically as if contemplating the next path to take as he forges a trail through the great western wilderness.

Of course, there was ultimately a fence that thwarted his journey to the P…