Front Garden: Before and After

Last week I wrote about the sad state of the garden in the front of the house. This weekend, I decided to do something about it. 

 There's nothing that twelve bags of mulch and a handful of flowers can't fix.

Especially when you're starting with something that desperately needed some care and garden love.

Because our summers can be quite dry, I opted to continue with the theme started by the former homeowners, and chose drought tolerant evergreens.

 By the time I'd finished, this sad picture was transformed...

into this.

P.S. I'm also hoping all this hard work will translate into a slimmer figure for the gardener.


larramiefg said…
Very trim, pretty, and healthy-looking. The plantings and soon you...
It looks lovely and very tidy.
Keetha said…
Looks gorgeous!

12 bags of mulch: makes my back hurt just thinking about it. ;
mariellenromer said…
I was thinking that would soon put your wish of being slimmer into place even before you said it. Looking really good there Suzanne, and I bet you think "hahhhh" everytime you come up your drive or look out of your window. That is my acid test for is the gardening effort worth passed with flying colors!

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