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Henry Visits Grand Lake Colorado and Goes for a Swim

Ummm. Henry? That's not quite a swim.

Flapjacks on Steroids

Last Friday Mom and I went to a nutritionist to discuss how we can improve her diet so that she will gain weight instead of losing it. Apparently, in the elderly, diet is incredibly important because they often lose their appetite as they get older and maintaining proper nutrient levels becomes a challenge. Of course, the irony of this situation is not lost on me: Mom's trying to gain weight and I'm trying to lose weight. Trying to cook for both of us at the same time is going to be a challenge.

So when I offered to make sausage and eggs for breakfast and Mom countered with 'pancakes and sausage' I decided I wanted to come up with a healthy alternative that would be so tasty she wouldn't be tempted to leave a crumb on her plate.

I had a flapjack box mix made with whole grains, low in sugar, called Kodiak Cakes. Excellent product. I decided to ramp up both the flavor and nutrition levels by adding a teaspoon of Apple Pie Spice and a half cup of chopped pecans (high…

Kebler Pass on a Rainy Autumn Day

We drove to Crested Butte on a rainy, cold day. Got there in time to grab a bite to eat and then spend the night. I hope that I'll be able to return sometime soon for a longer weekend to explore the area, it's beautiful.

Yet, despite its beauty, on that first day I worried about the dreary weather and the house I'd booked at the last minute that didn't have a fireplace to cozy the cold evening. I worried that my companions wouldn't have a good time, rather than what we had accomplished: we'd arrived safely, had a warm place to stay, Mom had joined us, even though just a few days before she'd not been feeling well. And thanks to the steady helmsmanship of Heidi at the wheel, we'd had an enjoyable drive, despite being in a car with four adults and two of whom was Henry, a 150lb Newfoundland, who commandeered the third row all to himself.

Perspective is something I need to work on.

The real reason we'd come was to make the second leg of our…

Roasted Beet Puree with Breaded Chicken Cutlets

I have fallen in love with beets this summer. They are so beautiful and so tasty. And so easy to prepare. Instead of the usual boiling method, which is frankly rather messy, I decided to roast them.

I love roasting any vegetable because it's incredibly easy: throw them on a roasting pan, drizzle with olive oil, perhaps a bit of garlic or sea salt, and roast at 400 F for 20 minutes. Roasting brings out a sweet, nuttiness in any veggie and leaves the texture, which can't be said of boiling anything. For reluctant vegetable eaters, such as myself, roasting wins hands down. I'd go so far as to suggest that even kids would love roasted vegetables.

While my beets were roasting, I quickly prepared some breaded chicken cutlets. I pounded out four chicken breasts until thin, dipped them in an egg wash, then in seasoned breadcrumbs. I like to let them dry on a wire rack for a few minutes before frying.

Here are my beautiful beets when they came from the oven. The picture doesn'…

Why I Pray

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Sometimes there are coincidences that pull you out of what you'd intended to do and set you off on a new course of action. For instance, last week I'd written a quick two sentence post stating that I was taking a blogging holiday for the rest of the summer and that I'd be back in late September.

Then I received a post from my friend Elizabeth Harper at Gifts of the She wrote about prayer in a post entitled: Would God Send a Message in an Online Ad?  When I went back to read the post again today, I scrolled down and was simply amazed at the lengthy and beautifully written comments by readers who felt compelled to share their own thoughts on prayer. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who has since been inspired to use Elizabeth's post as a springboard for our own musings on prayer either in our own lives or as we've observed its impact in the lives of others.

Prayer, like much o…

Easy, Make Your Own, Margaritas and Quesadillas

I had friends coming over for an impromptu after-work drinks and appetizers on the deck, and wanted to throw together something festive, fun, and creative. 'Creative' meaning: using what I had in the house since I didn't have time to run to the grocery.
Let's start with the margaritas.
I had tequila. But I did't have lime juice or frozen limeade or that fancy margarita mix that has a certain weird aftertaste.
But thanks to my love of gimlets, I had a bottle of Rose's lime juice.
In place of Cointreau I used the juice of one freshly squeezed orange.
Here's the simple, yet incredibly tasty, recipe:
1 part tequila 1 part Rose's lime juice 1 part sparkling water Juice of one orange
Mix well. Chill. Serve over ice or blend with ice in a blender for a frozen margarita.
I promise you.....once you've had a homemade margarita, you'll never buy another pre-made mix. They're that good.

Now to the quesadillas. I was inspired by a recipe for pepper ques…