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Snow Day: December 1st, 2011

Plan A: Tonight I was supposed to host an Open House at my place to benefit our local food bank. Hence the empty basket under the Christmas tree.

Since the day after Thanksgiving, I've been decorating the house.

I decorated the six different Christmas trees I found among the boxes that had been in storage for the last fifteen years.

Needless to say, I didn't need to buy a single string of lights or ornament. In fact, I still have two boxes of ornaments that haven't been unpacked.

But Mother Nature had other ideas. And this is what greeted me when I opened the front door this morning.

Yesterday, I sent out an email telling everyone that the party would be postponed for two weeks. NOAA had issued a winter weather advisory.

Before I went to bed, I joked with Mom that it would be just my luck that after I cancelled the party we wouldn't get any snow at all.

Guess I didn't have to worry about that. This is my driveway. Which the guests would have had to traverse had I not cancelled.

And here's the hill behind my house. Which the guests wouldn't have had to traverse, I just like photographing it.

And my favorite rock cropping at the top of the hill, where I'm convinced either a mountain lion or bear is watching and waiting.

And here's the snow level so's still snowing. And we're expecting more snow this weekend.

I'm hoping for a white Christmas. I think we're off to a good start.


joss said…
I used to be a big fan of snow, now however I hate it, since we have been getting it badly in the uk, and the council have failed to clean the lanes into our village, a snowfall can literally leave us stranded no way in and no way out of our village in the middle of no where,yesterday we had a few flakes falling while we waited for the school bus, and all of us were in a panic as we hadn't stocked up on food, and weren't prepared, thankfully nothing more came of it but we are all filling out cupboards now just encase
Anonymous said…
i wish to have a very white christmas next year...

larramiefg said…
Snow In the Rockies, qu8e breathtaking BUt will it melt In two weeks? :-)
Keetha said…
My mind is struggling! First, the awesomeness of the photo in your blog header! (I just love it.) Second, six (!!) Christmas trees! Wow. Sounds gorgeous.

The other morning we had a smattering of snow here. Flakes fell for about an hour. Everyone about lost their mind with excitement.

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