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Marketing Tips for the Novice or Non-Miss Bossypants

Week Eight in the Writerly Chronicles from my Orangeberry Book Tour:

Marketing can be intimidating, unless, like Miss Coco, you are a bossy pants and live to tell others what to do or where to go. 

Of course, if like most writers you are an introvert, marketing many not come naturally. However, whether you are a writer with a traditional publisher or self-published, increasingly promoting your book will be your second job.

If like me, you are a novice at book promotion, allow me to share a few helpful tips I’ve picked as I navigate my way through my first book tour and marketing campaign in support of my first novel, MRS. TUESDAY’S DEPARTURE.

1.     Establish dedicated Author Pages on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and/or Twitter. There often seems to be a fine line between what we share with our family and friends and what we want to share with readers. You want to be approachable and friendly, but not so much so that your personality overshadows your books. Unless of course, you write memoirs, in which case share away!
2.     Be consistent. You will probably find that one of these social media platforms is a more natural fit than others. Which is fine, you’ll be rewarded with a greater fan base accordingly. However, no matter which you choose, be consistent. Check in regularly with new information and be interactive! Engage your new friends in conversation.
3.     Emulate your mentors. There are so many wonderful blogs and newsletters available for new authors. Subscribe, read, emulate, and become involved in their communities. You can learn an incredible amount from the experiences of others and try out what feels right for you. A few of my favorite marketing and book review blogs are:
c.     I am a Reader Not a
4.     Give Back! Reach out to other authors and offer to host them on your blog for an interview, or promotional giveaway of their latest book. Leave encouraging comments on their blog so they’ll not feel as if they’re writing into an empty room. Or even better, leave a positive review on or after you’ve read their book. And don’t forget to tweet the link afterwards!
5.     Most of all, be your authentic self.  Promoting yourself and your book may not come naturally, but if you can think of it as a conversation with friends, it may become an enjoyable part of your writer’s life.


KarenG said…
Great tips! I found that my personal Facebook page works well for everything I want to do including book announcements and promotion. I like the simplicity of it.

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