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Win a $25 Amazon Kindle Gift Card & Audiobook of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure!

I am so excited about the new AUDIOBOOK version of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure which is available on,, and of course, the ubiquitous It is beautifully narrated by Rebecca Van Volkinburg who brought Natalie's story to life.

To celebrate, I am giving away a $25 Amazon Kindle Gift Card and one copy of the audiobook of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure, in your choice of format.

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It's Never Too Late

Last week I wrote about the evolution in publishing that has been brought on by ebooks and the accessibilty of self-publishing.

And then, I read an article about a woman who tried for 20 years to get published via the traditional route and finally self-published. 250,000 copies later, I'd say she was a terrific success.

Which is why I find it so disconcerting to read about Jodi Picoult and Sue Grafton discouraging writers from self-publishing. To me, it says that they just don't get it.

Crispy Gluten Free Waffles - Perfect for Freezing

We've been making waffles from 'scratch' for some time now simply because they are so incredibly delicious and better than anything you can get from a box. And best of all, after you've cooked the waffles, you can freeze them and pop them into a toaster on busy school mornings.

To make them gluten free, we simply substituted GF flour for regular and used a basic waffle recipe from The Joy of Cooking.

The blueberry syrup that adorns the waffles was made, by Mom, by combining a simple syrup (water and sugar) with a small container of blueberries, and then straining.

Here's the waffle recipe:

Sift together:

1 3/4 cups gluten free flour
2 teaspoons double-acting baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar

In a separate small bowl combine:

3 egg yolks (reserve the egg whites, you'll fold them in later)

6 Tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla


Add in a small handful of your favorite nuts, or chocolate chips, or dried fruit

Stir together the wet …

Week-ending: A Commonplace Book

Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.
-Harper Lee

Out with the Old:The Re-Evolution of Publishing

More Essays on Writing from my Orangeberry Book Tour

When I think of tradition, I think of the comfort of the tried and true. Traditional is comfortable because the way has already been taken by those who came before, so you know what to expect.
Non-traditional is riskier. And there are likely to be fewer gatekeepers, which means that anyone can enter onto the gates of the country club.
Which is exactly why I think this is the best time in history to be an author. Yes, indie-publishing has created a crowded field where anyone can publish a book and there are no gatekeepers to pronounce who is worthy of presenting themselves to readers. But for authors it means that you now have more options. You can pursue the traditional route of agent and publisher, or you can do it all yourself. Which is a wonderfully entrepreneurial freedom in an industry which was for so many years dominated by a few huge mega-corporations.
For readers, the blasting open of the publishing world means that they n…

Easy Vegetable Frittata

I've been doing a lot of egg dishes for breakfast since I'm trying to cut down on carbs as part of my never-ending quest to lose weight.

This morning I decided to cut out the usual bacon or sausage accompaniment  and go with a vegetarian version of a breakfast classic: the frittata.

Finely chop a couple handfuls of your favorite vegetables and lightly sauté in butter.

Meanwhile, whisk together 3 eggs and your choice of one half cup of: half and half, condensed milk, or skim milk. Pour egg/milk mixture into pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Place pan into 350 oven for ten minutes.

Serve immediately.

What are your long-term and short-term writing goals?

Another Essay on Writing from my Orangeberry Book Tour 
One of the best books I’ve read on goal setting is by Debbie Macomber’s   Knit Together: Discover God's Pattern for Your LifeIn this short, readable book, Debbie outlines how she has used goal setting throughout her writing career to keep herself moving forward. This has been essential in times of obstacles to help her persevere, and in times of success, to raise the bar. It’s one of my all-time favorite motivational books.
What I’ve learned about goal-setting from this book and others like it are a few simple but crucial rules about effective goal setting: 1) write down your goals. It doesn’t matter whether you ever look at them again or not, but write them, get them out of your head and onto paper…this gives them a greater reality. 2) revise your goals. As you accomplish your goals, create new ones, so that you always have a sense of forward momentum and accomplishment.
With the publication of my second book, God Loves You…

Be a Book Reviewer for Suzanne Anderson Books!

Book reviewers are some of the most important people for indie-authors. Because we don't have the same marketing budgets as traditional publishers, we have to rely on readers word of mouth and those all-important reviews on,, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you are interested in being a reviewer please read the following and then send me an email at:

Reviewer Guidelines:

You will receive a complimentary copy of the book, you may choose a paperback or ebook. Please let me know your preference and email or snail mail address when you contact me, so I will know where to send the book.
You agree to post your review on, within one month of receipt of the book. Your review must disclose that you have received a free review copy of the book. Please email me a link to your review so that I can share it on Facebook and Twitter.
Your only obligation is to write an honest review of your thoughts on the book.
I believe th…