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This Writer's Year in Review 31 December 2013

2012 was a year of new beginnings, new focus, and new dogs!
Mom continues to enjoy good health and joy in living in the mountains.
Mrs. Tuesday's Departure continues to do well.
God Loves You. -Chester Blue is gathering steam.
The greatest lesson I've learned in the past year is that being an indie-author is as much about marketing and running a business as writing books that readers want to read. The greatest challenge is learning to balance the two sides of the business.
And boy, do I have a lot more to learn.
2013 will see the launch of at least two new books: The Night of the Great Polar Bear, a children's picture book; and A Map of Heaven, a contemporary inspirational novel.
I believe it will also be a year of decisions and crossroads.

I am so grateful for this time I've had to pursue a much loved career, I've discovered that I love writing more than I ever have in the fifteen years that I have pursued this dream. I believe that I have found my writing voice and …

Let Go and Let God - 30 Dec 2012

I've spent the last two days thinking about what I've accomplished (or not) in 2012 and what I want to accomplish in 2013. My thoughts have been both positive and disappointed. 

This excerpt landed in my email box yesterday and it made such an impact on me, that I wrote out part of the quote and posted it on my desk. And then I wanted to share it with you...

Why is it that some people with disabilities [...] or others with serious illnesses or cruel diseases can find peace, enjoy other aspects of their lives, and even make positive contributions despite their own challenges? 

Could it be that they have not allowed their physical problems to cripple them emotionally? 

Could it be that they’ve chosen to focus on what is good in their lives instead of what is bad? 

Perhaps. Here is another possibility: maybe they’ve let go and let God. Maybe they’ve decided to let go of their pain, anger, and grief and let God handle it instead. 

- Nick Vujicic

P.S. I'll be back tomorrow …

Merry Christmas 2012

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given;

And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Jesus is still the reason for the season!


Trusting God - Book Review

A few months ago, I joined the Blogging for Books from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group and for my first book I chose Trusting God. 

It's described as a twelve-week devotional study, and the book is structured as such with weekly questions. And used with this structure it would be a fun, light, devotional for a group of friends to share and discuss weekly.

I used it differently. Of course. I found that I dipped into the book and read the devotionals randomly or when a particular topic drew my interest that day. And I can happily report, that this unconventional approach worked beautifully as well.

The daily devotionals take no more than a quick 5 minutes to read and are written in a breezy, easy to understand format, that is much like a talk with an understanding, compassionate friend.

I highly recommend this book, either to share in a group format, or as an individual. Trusting God has a great deal of encouragement to offer.

Here are some useful links to introduce you to th…