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Creating a Sacred Space For a Closer Relationship with God

Today I read a devotional from Rick Warren about the importance of finding a special space to spend time with God each day.

This is not the first time I've heard of this idea of having a defined space to spend with God, although I have to admit was skeptical about the need for such a space until I tried it myself.

However, as I realized the growing importance of devotional time in my life I decided to create a dedicated space for prayer and Bible reading. That's the space you see above. 
This room used to be my office. Instead, I moved my desk to a quiet area downstairs. At that point I began to call this my library...but honestly,  this is where I go to pray and have devotional time with God.
At first that concept felt strange and uncomfortable to me. I recall a friends who pointed to a small room in her home and called it her prayer room, and my internal reaction was 'what a weird thing to call a room'.
Now the tables have turned and as much as I avoid the label, th…

Why We Need to Teach Our Children to Cook

Tonight I made hot Italian turkey sausage with Fagioli All'uccelletta (spicy white beans). I modified the recipe I found on the Internet by adding anchovies and onions.
It turned out to be the best meal I've cooked in a year.
But what really got me going is when I calculated the cost of the entire meal and figured out it cost LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS FOR THE ENTIRE MEAL! 
That's right, less than $2.50 per person for a family of four.  You can't buy a Happy Meal for that price per person.
Low in fat. Low in sugar. Low in calories. Low in carbs. 
In other words, a low cost, healthy, delicious....might I suggest, gourmet, meal.
What gave me pause is that we do not encourage our children to learn how to cook meals like this. Whether in the now non-existent Home Economics class or at home.
Instead, we clip coupons for Hamburger Helper or frozen dinners filled with salt and chemicals.
This meal was easy and quick. I'll include the recipe and itemized cost below. 
But what …

Winners Chosen for God Loves Your Dream!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful words for 2014. I hope you are each wonderfully blessed in the coming year.

Here are our ebook winners!


Please send me your email address and I'll send your ebook right out!

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Share Your 2014 Word and Win a Copy of God Loves Your Dream

What is your guiding theme word for 2014?

Last year, I chose "Forward" as my guiding word because I felt stuck and needed a word that would inspire me to keep moving toward my goal, no matter what.
This year, I've decided on an even more radical word.
At first, I was going to choose "Receive" as my guiding word, because as much as I accomplished last year, it always seemed like I wasn't receiving the expected outcome or reward for my efforts.
However, as I read through my morning devotions it came to me that my real challenge wasn't the desire to Receive, but my willingness to surrender the outcome of my efforts to God's will.
I am such a control freak that even considering the word surrender makes my heart skip a beat. Which is really all the confirmation I needed that SURRENDER is my theme word and my challenge for 2014.
Now, it's your turn! 
What is going to be your theme word for 2014? What word will inspire, scare, motivate, you to move your …